Harry Styles and Taylor Swift: a round up of this week's ridiculous Haylor rumours

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Another week, another shiz load of Haylor rumours.

Yep, the Harry Styles and Taylor Swift hype may have been somewhat eclipsed by Zayn Malik *allegedly* doing the lurve tango with someone other than Perrie Edwards – but that hasn’t stopped the Haylor rumour mill from churning.


Here’s a round up of all the latest ridonculous gossip for you to roll your eyes at TRES DRAMATICALLY.

Harry and Taylor are back together, and planning a ‘romantic getaway’ for Valentines day.

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Yup, according to Now magazine, Harreh was ‘on his knees’ begging Tay Swiz for another chance while 1D were in Japan. A mysterious ‘source’ also claims that he intends to give her a ‘promise ring’ when they head off for this mythical getaway. Lovely.

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Taylor won Harry back by looking shamazing at the People's Choice Awards. Or was it the Golden Globes?

Harry was left ‘speechless’ when he saw photos of Taylor in her Golden Globes side-booby dress, say Now magazine. "He was speechless and vowed to win her back," an 'insider' apparently told them.

taylor swift people's choice awards

However, if you listen to Look magazine’s ‘source’ it was Tay Swizzle’s plunging neckline at the People’s Choice Awards that had Hazza wanting more.

“When he saw photos of her at the People’s Choice Awards looking so amazing in a white Ralph Lauren dress, I think that’s when he realized how much he missed her and said he wanted her back.” Umm OK.

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Taylor and Harry hooked up while she was in the UK last week 

Right – Taylor flew into London last week for a photoshoot, fact. HowEVAH, there seems to be a variety of conflicting stories when it comes to Mr Styles.

Look magazine, for example, says that Taylor flew to England specifically to see Hazlan: ‘"Harry was calling and texting, begging her for at least a face to face chat," they say.


"He said he was willing to fly to her in LA but she obviously wanted their conversation to be on her terms, so she took a private jet 5,000 miles to meet him.”

They also claim that: “Taylor promised friends she ‘wouldn’t be seduced by empty promises’” and: "as soon as she stepped off that plane, Harry was on the phone arranging a meeting at a mutual friends house, where they had a pretty emotional exchange." 

NOT SO, say Grazia - who instead insist that Harry didn't call Swizzle 'until the second day of her trip' leaving her 'fuming'.

NOT SO says heat, who claim that Haylor had a '48 hour love in' round Hazza's place, after Tay "snuck into his house in dark glasses and a scarf and hat via the underground carpark."

Apaz, the pair had a "heart to heart about how much they’ve missed each other while they’ve been apart."

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Taylor give Harry an ultimatum

Closer, on the other hand, suggest that actually, Taylor has given the curly haired lovebot ‘a week to win her back’ which sounds like the plot of a bad romcom.

“Taylor's told him he’s got a week to win her back, and the more she plays hard to get, the more he seems to want her," they say. 

Taylor Swift holds Harry Styles hand as he gets new boat tattoo in LA - PICS

Harry won Tay Swiz back with his vocal ability

OH YES. Now magazine claim that Hazlan ‘sung a love song down the phone’ for Taylor in order to woo her once more. What was it, ‘You Knew I was Trouble when I walked in?’ Pfft.

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Tay doesn't want Harry back

More magazine report that Tay Swiz just wants to be alone and have some fun. ‘I want to be alone and have some fun’ she’s quoted as saying.

BLADDY HELL IT’S ALL A BIT MUCH INNIT? Which (if any) of these rumours do you believe?

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