Rylan Clark: "I want Claire Richards from Steps to be my baby's surrogate mum"

After seeing Rylan Clark completely naked and almost completely hairless on this year's Celebrity Big Brother, we can almost imagine what he looked like at birth. Now he wants to have a birth for himself (yes, tenuous link but we wanted to talk about him being naked) sometime, and reckons Claire Richards from Steps and CBB fame would be a good gal to carry the baby for him.

rylan clark cbb

"She's such a great mum," Rylan told New! magazine.

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"Hopefully the baby would get her voice, not mine!"

But Rylan goes on to say that he wouldn't be ready for a baby just yet, and would "need to be in a good, long relationship with someone first" before he'd consider bringing a mini-me into the world - saying he likes his men "desperate, and that is it!"

rylan clark celebrity big brother

"I haven't really got a type," he went on.

"It sounds a bit cheest, but someone who makes me laugh and who I get on with. Not asking for much! David Beckham is my ultimate man. I have got to get into the Beckham clan. I don't care if I have to claw myself in!"

Right. While Rylans' busy clawing his way into David Beckham, let's imagine what a little Rylan baby would look like...

rylan clark as a child

How, er, cute.

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