Rylan and Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthew's in Twitter feud: 'Drop yourself out'

Whilst we were doing a little celebratory dance when Rylan won Celebrity Big Brother, it looks like Made In Chelsea’s resident David Brent lookalike Spencer Matthews was throwing a little tantrum.

spencer matthews

He took to Twitter yesterday to share his opinions on the highly important matter, and was WELL controversial, by also adding that he was 100% a Speidi fan. Oh Spencer, you villain.

He tweeted: “That Rylan guy winning anything epitomises British demise...@spencerpratt all the way x”

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Possibly a bit harsh. But Spencers gotta stick with Spencers, obviously. As we saw on CBB when he answered back to Speidi’s nasty comments, Rylan isn’t one to take bitchiness lying down.

After rallying his troops up by retweeting the cutting comment, he responded to Spencer with a suitably meowwww-some answer: “How about you drop yourself out and run back to your parents bank account, or better still find a fake girlfriend...”

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OHH GET TOLD, SPENNY. Thanks for that Rylan, we’d almost forgotten about Spencer’s season of The Bachelor. What a special time that was for television.

Spencer then had the final word (so far) when he replied: “oooo she bites...Just my opinion, don’t get your knickers in a twist...”

Yah, yah, tohdally sweedy.


LOOK SPENCER YOU’RE MAKING RYLAN CRY. Oh we do love a good bit of Twitter beef. We’re wondering who’ll be first to chuck out a chlamydia insult. Why don’t we all go for a beer and CALM THE EFF DOWN, boys?

Who’s side are you on?

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