Selena Gomez: 'I love One Direction... I would kiss Zayn Malik'

Just a few weeks ago rumours suggesting newly single Selena Gomez had a bit of a thang for One Direction's Niall Horan were flying about all over the place.

However, it seems Sel actually prefers a bit of the Bradford Bad Boi - after admitting in a recent interview that she'd pucker up for Zayn Malik.

selena gomez kiss zayn malik

Which is funny, because he said he'd give her a smooch too.

Yup, One Direction were asked which famous gals they wouldn't mind swapping spit with (Ick, sorry, we ran out of different ways to say 'kiss') in an interview before the NRJ awards - and the Z-Dawg revealed he's a fan of The Gomez.

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"I would definitely kiss her," Zayn said, when shown a pic of Justin Bieber's ex-loverrrr. 

A fact that a French journalist was quick to tell Selena while interviewing her this week.

“That's really nice! I love all of them," she said. "They're so sweet. They're really good guys.”

When asked which member of One Direction she would snog if she had to, Selena apparently got a tad flustered, before replying: “Oh, no.. Um.. Zayn!”

GOOD CHOICE SISTAH. Although to be fair, we'd have said that no matter who you picked.

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