Little Mix: 'We feel like Justin Bieber'

It seems like the Little Mix ladies have been getting a bit mixed up with their own DNA - they're now saying that feel like Justin Bieber of all ruddy people.

The gals, who've just released their swanky new vid for 'Change Your Life', have been chatting to the Daily Star about their v. loyal legion of Mixers, and Jesy's told them "It's mostly teenage girls at our shows so I do feel like I'm Justin Bieber. It's really strange."

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Er, you might wanna see someone about that, Jesy babes. Sounds serious.


But don't worry, everyone, the fame hasn't gone to the girls' pretty little heads yet.

"We were hoping it might happen, but realistically girl bands never really have that kind of following - you know, people banging on car windows", Jess said.


Pezza Edwards is loving all the attention from the fans too, adding "

"There are girls everywhere and the best thing is they know all the words, all the raps. We get so emotional hearing them on stage we just cry."

N'yaww, they like, so, down to earth and stuff. This is why they're our faves.

Are you gonna be fangirling over the ladies on their tour?

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