Simon Cowell 'impressed' by Harry Styles' fling with Taylor Swift

Ultimate ladies man Simon Cowell has given Harry Styles and Taylor Swift's brief lurve-fest the seal of approval - admitting that he is 'impressed' the One Direction star managed to get his hands on Taylor's Swifts.

"Harry doesn't hang around, so yeah, I was impressed about Taylor," he said - reminding us a bit of a pervy uncle we used to have.

one direction haylor

After he'd finished drooling over pics of Haylor and texting Harry to ask what kind of underwear Swizzle prefers (THAT WAS A JOKE) Simon also revealed that he doesn't like to interfere in the boys lives.

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"I don't worry about the One Direction lads because I speak to them a lot," he said. "If there are ever any issues then we deal with them quietly as friends.

"I told them to treat this as the best time of their lives and don’t treat it as work. I don't believe in the horrible idea of me or the manager telling the guys what they can and can't do," he continued.

One Direction would quite like Simon Cowell to take them on holiday. Preferably to Barbados.

"If they really go nuts then I would step in but having a couple of tattoos and a couple of girlfriends isn't a problem."

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Sound advice there Simon. You might want to have a little re-count on the tattoo front though - they passed the 'a couple' stage quite some time ago.

What do you lot make of Si-Cow's comments?

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Images: PA/Twitter

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