Rita Ora plays Snog, Marry, Avoid: 'I would sh*g Robert Pattinson'

Rita Ora has been getting well and truly stuck into the BEST GAME EVER, Snog Marry Avoid, (except she jazzed it up a bit by turning it into Shag, Marry, Shoot - bit harsh), and has revealed that she might well have her minxy sight set on a new love interest. OH HEY R-PATTZ.

Rita Ora

Chatting on the Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O, Rita was presented with a Rob themed conundrum of who she’d like to wed, bed or see dead from the delectable choices of Robert De Niro, Robert Pattinson and Rob Kardashian.

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She then cheekily revealed she wouldn’t mind getting a bit dutty with R-Pattz. Playing along, she said “Okay here we go, I would marry Robert De Niro, I would shag Robert Pattinson, and I would definitely, definitely, shoot Rob Kardashian”.

OH. OH. WOAH. Things just got personal. Incase your knowledge on Rita’s life isn’t up to scratch, she got involved in loads of Twitter beef last year when Rob Kardashian, her ex, accused her of cheating on the website. ‘Cause he’s real classy and likes to keep things on the D-L.

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Rita ora

She went on to explain that unsurprisingly, she isn’t the biggest fan of social media anymore. “It is awkward. I also feel like it’s a personal choice. If you want to make yourself look a certain way, and feel thats the right way, then that’s your choice. Personally, I like to keep things private”, she explained.

So, errr, K-Stew, if you’re reading this (which you obv will be, we know you love us), maybe keep one eye on your man. ORA’S A-COMIN’ FOR HIM.

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