Niall Horan proposes to Paloma Faith? Kind of. Not really.

We often wonder what One Direction’s ideal ladies might look like, and who will finally win their hearts over enough to make them put a ring on it. Then we look in the mirror and all our quesitons are answered. ONLY JOKING. Sort of.

But it turns out that Niall Horan’s ideal lady is someone we’d never really considered before. Ms Paloma Faith. Yep, really. The only thing we’re going to take from this story is how much we’d love to hear Niall’s delightful Irish voice say Paloma Faith.

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 Niall Paloma

According to Paloma the flaming haired wonder, she’s pretty much set for life after discovering that little Blondie wants to make her his wifey. She told The Daily Star a bit more about it.

“I’ve been proposed to by One Direction”, she said. What, all of them? Now that’s good going. TELL US YOUR SECRETS.

“Well, that’s the rumour somebody started. I met Niall from 1D at a party. He was lovely, but when I walked away he turned to a friend of mine and said: ‘I’m going to marry that girl’.”

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What the eff, we are so confused by this. Our Directioner instincts are failing us and we need to know more. Maybe she cooked him some kind of delicious party nibbles and that's how he knew she was the one. But we do need to find Niall a ladyfriend, so maybe we’ll just go with it.

And whilst we let it run its course, we’re off to buy some ginger hair dye and a crapload of pom poms tinsel and to stick on all our clothes, seeing as he obviously goes for that.

Niall Paloma

She also told We Love Pop magazine that "I love him! I accept - you can put that in print. He can be my toyboy. I wouldn't mind having a younger boyfriend."

We're going to be honest. She would eat the poor lad alive. Yep, in some kind of weird twist of irony, Niall himself will end up being eaten.

Would you like to see Niall and Paloma Faith? We're so confused.

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