Taylor Swift believes break ups are 'the guys fault every time'?

Taylor Swift may be getting a reputation for failing to make a relationship last longer than the time it takes us to eat a packet of chocolate biscuits (around 3 minutes and 52 seconds) but apparently, none of it is her fault.

In fact, a source supposedly close to Tay Swiz has revealed that she lays the break up blame soley at the feet of her ex-boyfriends, Harry Styles included.

taylor swift boyfriends

”She is embarrassed over how people are reacting to her and her relationships but honestly believes its been the guys fault every time," the gossip lovin' pal told Hollywood Life. 

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"She feels as though she really has to tread lightly and not date someone seriously for a while so people will forget her track record.”

There's no need to worry about a Haylor reunion either, according to this particular 'friend' - because apaz, Tay and Harreh don't even speak anymore.

Harry Styles Taylor Swift

“Concerning her and Harry, they don’t talk to each other at all," sourcey pants said. "The relationship is as over as possible. They want nothing to do with each other.”

Ah we don't know if that's wise Taylor - if we were you we wouldn't be able to resist asking him for tips on how he keeps that barnet so bouncy.

What do you lot make of all this?

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