Caroline Flack ends the rumours: 'Im not going out with James Arthur'

REJOICE ALL GIRLS TRYING TO GET IN JAMES ARTHUR’S PANTS. Caroline Flack has finally put an end to the rumours once and for all about her and le Arthur, by stating that they are absolutely 100% so totally not going out. So that’s pretty final then.

Caroline Flack James Arthur

Chatting to MTV News, CaroFlacko said that her life is actually well boring, and half the stories that are told about her are made up. “I think it’s because my life is so boring and if nothing else is really going on, you have to create some sort of soap opera. I’m not going out with James Arthur. My life is probably more boring than you think.”

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Oh really, love? Well yesterday the highlight of our night was finding a long lost Malteser in our pyjamas. Meanwhile you went out to a swanky London bar and hung out with Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw. Boring... SURE.

Caroline Flack James Arthur

She went on to say “We just go out for drinks. I expected that, if I ever go out with a guy, they like to make up some sort of story.”

Well, soz about that, but the pair of you do flirt like you’re secretly shagging, so what do you expect from us really?

Were you rooting for Caroline and James to be a couple? Do you still think they’re bonking no matter how many times they deny it? We do.

James Arthur told to stop snogging all the girls, cheekayyy.

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