She's been at the centre of major Twitter dramz recently, but Rita Ora insists she doesn't let any hate thrown her way affect her.

Despite being slammed by ex-boyf Rob Kardashian and Geordie Shore lass Holly Hogan on the site, Rits ain't gonna let that stop her doing her thang. Nu-uh. In fact, the haters aren't even on her radar.

rita ora rob kardashian twitter

"What’s funny is that I haven’t commented on anything so I feel like it shows enough that I haven’t really commented," she told Yahoo OMG!

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“I don’t really look at any of that. There is a lot going on, I’m doing my new album, so I tend to not take any notice and I’m surrounded by such great people who don’t really take much notice either. To me I don’t really know what is going on!"

rita ora rob kardashian

That's all well and good Rita, but feel free to hit back if you want. We LOVE a good celeb Twitter rant.

Would you be able to take Rit's approach, or would you hit back BIG TIME?

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