Rita Ora doesn't take notice of Twitter abuse

She's been at the centre of major Twitter dramz recently, but Rita Ora insists she doesn't let any hate thrown her way affect her.

Despite being slammed by ex-boyf Rob Kardashian and Geordie Shore lass Holly Hogan on the site, Rits ain't gonna let that stop her doing her thang. Nu-uh. In fact, the haters aren't even on her radar.

rita ora rob kardashian twitter

"What’s funny is that I haven’t commented on anything so I feel like it shows enough that I haven’t really commented," she told Yahoo OMG!

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“I don’t really look at any of that. There is a lot going on, I’m doing my new album, so I tend to not take any notice and I’m surrounded by such great people who don’t really take much notice either. To me I don’t really know what is going on!"

rita ora rob kardashian

That's all well and good Rita, but feel free to hit back if you want. We LOVE a good celeb Twitter rant.

Would you be able to take Rit's approach, or would you hit back BIG TIME?

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