Is there anything more cleansing for a soul when you’re going through a breakup, than finding every single thing that reminds you of that BLADDY BOY and holding some kind of massive ritual bonfire? Nope.

Selena Gomez has been doing just that. Okay she hasn’t been actually burning stuff, but apparently she’s been getting handy with a bin bag and chucking away all the gifts that Justin Bieber bought her during their relationship. Oh this is all too real, no more Jelena. Sob.

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A close friend of Selena revealed to Entertainmentwise that “She’s thrown away a lot of his stuff, and she doesn’t want it because he’s a liar and treated her badly. She is done and doesn’t want him anymore. She’s moving on.”


We’re frankly torn over this whole eppy. Obviously we’re all for independent women *fist pump*, but ITS JUSTIN, who is apparently torn about the break up and trying everything he can to win her back. AGH, this is too much.

One thing we do know is that we need to know what Justin did to treat her so badly. Surely that face carved by angels couldn’t be mean to Seleeeeeena. We're suckers for a pretty boy, incase you hadn't already worked that out.

Do you think Selena needs to move on or are her and Justin meant to be?

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What do you think?