Harry Styles gets a surprise stripper at his 19th birthday celebrations and looks terrified: PICS

YES IT’S TRUE, we kid you not. Last night at Harry Styles’ Birthday Celebrations Round 2, the lucky buffdee boy was treated to every 19 year old lads dream of a lapdance from a sexy stripper. And of course, some sneaky sod was there with their camera phone to get evidence. HOORAH.

Harry Styles stripper

Hazwan and his famous mates headed to The Alibi in mega trendy Dalston, where Harry was greeted with his special surprise.

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Harry Styles, ladies and gents, the only man in the universe that can have a hot stripper on his 19th birthday whilst wearing a heart print shirt. What a guy.

His face in the pictures looks somewhere in the range of WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO LET ME DIE, and HOLY MOLY THIS IS DELIGHTFUL.

harry styles stripper

It must be quite a nice change for Harry, to have someone else doing the crotch thrusting for a change.

We would literally have done it for free.

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harry styles stripper

Niall tweeted this morning “Great night at @Harry_Styles birthday! Was a right laugh". Fan of the naked ladies, eh, Nialler?

Harry styles stripper

By the looks of things, Harry passed out at the end of the night after all the fun and games, it was all too much bless him. So he’s probably feeling a bit delicate this morning. Someone chuck the boy a bacon sandwich.

Harry styles sleeping

We’re thinking it’s time for a career change. We’d be great exotic dancers, and if it means we get to gyrate all over Harry and his delightful heart print shirt, we’re well up for it.

What do you think of Harry’s birthday antics?


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