Demi Lovato on crutches after injuring her leg in fall - PICS

It hasn't been the best week for Demi Lovato and the singer has apparently broken her leg after an almighty fall at home.


Demi Lovato breaks her fibula in her leg after a fall at home - PICS

Tweeting a pretty ominous photo of some crutches earlier in the week, Demi also posted one of her leg all strapped up in a ginormous cast as well as another of her insanely bruised ankle.

In fact, she's apparently she's hurt her Fibula and it doesn't sound like she's over the moon about being stuck hobbling about everywhere either.

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"Never, ever, ever, EVER let your roommate clean your hardwood floors with Pledge..." she tweeted, leaving us guessing that she must have had one hell of a slip.

With Lovatics tweeting Demi to wish her well, Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale seemed to know how her pal was feeling and tweeted her some love, saying: "@ddlovato girl I've broken my fibula before too. I feel your pain. Here's to a quick recovery!"

Demi Lovato breaks her fibula in her leg after a fall at home - PICS

We hope she's feeling better soon, but want our advice? Get yourself a cleaner Demi - pretty sure you could afford it.

What do you reckon about Demi's injury?

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Images: PA and Twitter

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