Kim Kardashian wants you to look at her bum and she's not afraid to use a child to make you do it

Kim Kardashian has never been one to shy away from the camera's lens. She invites film crews into her home to film her 'real life stuff', she gets married on a TV show and then publicly divorces a mere 72 days later, and now she's sharing some intimate family snaps with us all, claming to be wooed by her little nephew Mason, son to sister Kourtney.


kim kardashian bikini

"Aww look how little Mason was!" Kim posted next to this Instagram, showing a tiny child with clothes and a cap completely covering their face that could be a frickin' DOLL for all we know, and an absolutely in focus, almost exactly centred shot her of ass.

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Similarly, she followed suit with this one, saying "My little Mason!!" next to another BUM SHOT.

kim kardashian bikini pool

Oh Kim. You haven't fooled us. But we've all looked anyway.

What do you think of her 'subtle' Instagramming?

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Pics: Instagram

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