Kimberley Walsh interview: 'I love Little Mix'

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Kimberley Walsh has been a bloody busy lady lately, hasn't she? Strictly Come Dancing, debut solo album Centre Stage, getting back with Girls Aloud...there's apparently NOTHING she can't do. And guess who managed to catch up with Kimba when she had a spare 5 mins? Yup, we did.

kimberley walsh

We chatted to Kimbers about The Aloud, her love of musical theatre and the Little Mix ladies.

Hey, Kimberley! Are you officially THE busiest person on the planet at the mo?

Yeah, I am pretty busy but it's fine...I'm just on my way to rehearse for G-A-Y at the moment. They're, like, the best crowd you could ever hope for...

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And your album's out now, missy. Are you super excited to get your own stuff out there?

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to fans finally hearing the whole thing. They've been annoyed they've only had little sneak peeks so far. It's a dream come true getting to pick all my favourite musical songs and re-produce them.

It's common sense for you to go down this route after your AMAZE stint in Shrek: The Musical last year, isn't it?

It felt like that for me. It's a natural direction, especially with where I'm at in my career and stuff. It felt more true to me.

kimberley walsh ntas

Did you not wanna do the whole Girls Aloud rave o'clock pop route?

Nah. We were all given the opportunity to when the girls took a break, but I knew I'd go back to that at some point and I get the best of both worlds with the musical theatre stuff, too.

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Now, speaking of Girls're back together *squee*. SPILL.

It's really great. We're in tour rehearsals at the moment and it's going really well. It's funny trying to remember all the routines and words.

And what's your fave old school GA track to dust off?

Love Machine's always a really good one to perform...

girls aloud

Er, didn't Cheryl once said you'd never perform Love Machine at 30...

Hahaha, yeah...and I'm the one who should be most worried. But you can't take yourself too seriously and everyone loves it, the crowd are always up on their feet. It works.

Can we expect to see Chezza's new dancer boyf Tre on the tour?

No, he's busy doing other stuff unfortunately, but we have loads of other amazing dancers.

And what do you reckon to new girls on the block Little Mix? Are you a fan?

I think they're great, I LOVE Little Mix. Nicola's worked with them and they're a really good group. I hope they can stay at the top...we always need more girl bands.

Kimberley's debut solo album Centre Stage is out now. Go grab yourself a copy.

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