It’s pretty much standard that if you break up with a guy, your besties have to automatically hate him. It’s just like, the rules of feminism. So it sounds like Taylor Swift is sticking to her role as BFF after rumours have spread that she’s advising Selena Gomez to NOT get back together with Justin Bieber, like ever.

(Nope, we will never stop using that song to create punchy, hiliarious Taylor Swift break up related puns).

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According to inside sources, Taylor is not happy that Selena has been thinking about getting back with Justin after their recent controversial split. Selena and le Biebs have been spotted hanging out together at his house this week despite their apparent split, so it seems like things may be back on already. But not if Swizzo has anything to do with it, ohhhh no.

“Taylor would rather Selena break everything off with Justin and believes that will happen in the very near future. Taylor isn’t a Justin fan at all.”, a secret source spilled the beans to Perez Hilton. (Yes, we know, Perez Hilton...)

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To be honest, if you’re going to take relationship advice from someone Selena, in the nicest possible way, Taylor does not have a greatly successful long term relationship track record. Let’s be real here, love. She does seem to change her boyfs more often than she changes her hairstyle.

“Taylor is very spiritual and superstitious and believes in the saying, ‘It takes half the time of a relationship you had with someone, to get over the relationship you had with that person’.”

Ah yes, that old chestnut.

justin bieber

“If Taylor can speed things up a little bit by being there for Selena and showering her the fun she can have, then she will gladly do it.”

Good old Swifty. Perhaps she herself wants a bit of the Bieberlicious to add to her collection of heartthrob exs. OOOH. Probably not, but it'd be well good.

Do you think Taylor is right, and that Selena should finish things with Justin for good, or are you a Jelena fan?

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