They're all part of the UK's pop invasion of America, but The Saturdays' Frankie Sandford ain't gonna be sharing a tour bus with The Wanted or One Direction lads any time soon...due to their lack of personal hygiene. FRANKIE, DON'T SHATTER OUR DREAMS.

Frankz has been chatting to glossy US mag In Touch about her fellow popsters, saying “They’re like our brothers. When girls are screaming at them, we’re like, 'Really?!' They’re just stinky boys to us!"

liam payne nathan sykes

Okay, HOLD THE PHONE. We know that the lads spend a lot of time getting sweaty at gigs and stuff, but we refuse to believe they stink. How is it possible for something that looks so good could smell so bad? It ain't, that's how.

frankie sandford chasing the saturdays

The Sats ladies are currently trying to crack the States with their E! reality series Chasing The Saturdays...and now The Wanted boyos are getting in on the action too. Yu-huh, Max George and Co. are set to star in their very own US show which may or may not feature sexy shower scenes. Hey, you gotta get rid of the rumours somehow, lads. Feel free to prove Sandford wrong.

What do you think? We don't believe a word. The boys smell of Haribo and meadows and stuff. Now let's relive that time we blindfolded Nathan Sykes. STILL VERY AMAZING.



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