Niall Horan gets his flirt on with Rachel Shenton, and a beautiful thing begins

This is wonderful. Just as we were wondering what Niall Horan was up to in the love department (serious office discussions, obvs), he has a little Twitter flirt with actress Rachel Shenton, who he took a shine to while watching ITV this morning, after watching One Direction's 3D Movie Trailer, no doubt.

niall horan tweet rachel shenton

Tweeting that Rachel was "beautiful", Ms Shenton quickly responded with a picture of herself saying hi to Niall.

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Seriously guys, this is how Romeo and Juliet did it. Twitpics are WELL romantic.

rachel shenton niall horan

Niall quickly THRUST HIMSELF upon the opportunity to reply with a cute picture of his own, putting his sign in his mouth - which is probably just where he wants Rachel to be.

niall horan rachel shenton

This is brilliant. We might be over-reacting / planning too far ahead, but we're thinking their couple name should be Nichel, because that sounds like Nigella, and we all know Niall would be totally up for a bit of sexy cooking.

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