Following her UHMAZING Super Bowl Halftime Show performance last weekend, we don't really blame Beyoncé for wanting to spend a bit of quality time with hubby Jay-Z.

The pair showed us why pop's coolest couple as they headed out for dinner at swanky LA restaurant Gjelina, with lil' babba Blue Ivy in tow. SO. BLOODY. ADORABLE.

beyonce jay-z

We presume it's them, anyways. Who else could claim such a perfect weave and suave specs?

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Bootylicious Bey definitely deserved some posh nosh after her Super Bowl gig earlier this week, which was EVERYTHING WE WANTED IN LIFE AND MORE. Like...where else can you get all 3 Destiny's Child ladies doing our fave Single Ladies 'ring-on-it' hand wave flawlessly?

We wonder what she ate? Maybe Sweet (Potato) Dreams? Soup-er Bowl? GAH, the choices are endless. (Don't be too harsh on us, it's Friday and it's late).

Can you think of any better Queen Bey food-related puns? Maybe you can ponder whilst reliving the whole shebang from the other night... 

Destiny’s Child to join Beyonce in her Superbowl performance? AGH.

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