Miley Cyrus blasts Perez Hilton over Ed Westwick rumours: 'Don't f**k with my love life'

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Ever since she shaved off that bun, Miley Cyrus has unleashed the attitude and after rumours about her and Ed Westwick surface online, she's taken to Twitter and slammed celeb gossip fan Perez Hilton for taking such an interest in her love life.

We all know that Miley is completely head over heels in lurve with hot fiance Liam Hemsworth and she doesn't seem too happy to have come across reports alleging that there was something romantic going on between her and Gossip Girl actor and moustache fan Ed Westwick.

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The pair were allegedly spotted hovering around the same car, which doesn't sound too romantic to us unless Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders were also lurking in the vehicle.

Either way, Miley was straight on Twitter to set the record straight and directed her thoughts straight at Perez, who had published a report about the rumours.

Mley Cyrus slams Perez Hilton for meddling with her love life after Ed Westwick romance story

Tweeting the sass, Miley said: "@PerezHilton Hope you find love one day but can you not f**k with mine. I've never been with Ed W in my life. I was at the studio last night. [sic]

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"What happened to you promise to spread love not lies??? Dude u ask for people to respect you and your replationships I demand the same thing.

She added: "You're the first one to write about my engagement and my wedding and how happy u r for me an the first to try to tear my life apart.

Mley Cyrus slams Perez Hilton for meddling with her love life after Ed Westwick romance story

"Respect, love, & compassion are mandatory."

Sheesh, we are loving her unleashing the inner bad ass, but what do you think about all this?

It's not Perez is shy about saying what he thinks. Check out his fairly pessimistic predicitons for One Direction's future...


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