It’s only three days until Valentine’s Day, and more importantly, only ONE until Pancake Day *fist pump*. But seeing as high fashion models probably don’t get to eat all that much chocolate smothered, sugar crusted batter cakes, Cara Delevigne has been getting in the mood for LUURVE on her Instagram.

Cara Delevingne

For her takeover of the suitably named Love magazine, Cara has obviously been getting involved with things by seeing how many heart related items she can fit into each picture. Here she is looking ANNOYINGLY BEAUTIFUL with cute little love shapes stuck all over that gorgey face of hers, but still looking a little bit sad.

Smile love, we'd give both our eyeballs to look like you.

Cara Delevingne

After she'd had enough of holding up bejewelled hearts, Cara Delevnaphnarphnar headed up to the rooftops wrapped in nothing but a towel to celebrate ValDay, as you do. She's about to munch on a Love Heart too by the looks of things.

We bet it's one of the One Direction Love Hearts, probably a subtle message confirming her never ending love for Harry Styles. Probably. Maybe.

Cara Delevingne

Again with the hearts Caralala? REALLY? Do you not know that some of us are bitter and single? Luckily, she cleverly wore a snot green beanie and some mental sunglasses which make her look a bit like a wise old owl, to detract our attention from the romantic message, so we could focus on the mental fashion instead.

Thanks, clever Delasagne.

Cara Delevingne

And then just to round up the love-fest, she gave her best gal pal Jourdan Dunn a massive girly snog. HOORAH.

Are you feeling Valentines Day this year as much as Cara is? Or will you be surrounded by cats and pancake mix like us?


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