Kristen Stewart hangs out with Ellie Goulding at her gig in LA

Whilst Robert Pattinson has jetted off to Australia to start filming his latest project, The Rover, it seems like Kristen Stewart’s been having some serious girl time with bestie Ellie Goulding to cheer herself up, after she was spotted hanging out backstage at Ellie’s gig in Los Angeles.

Can we come next time? We’ll bring enough wet wipes and jelly babies for everyone. Yeah, we know how the kids have a good time.

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Ellie Kristen

Ellie posted a group shot on her Instagram of all the friends that she’d been hanging out with at her own gig, and if you search through all the faces, you can spot a definite K-Stew specimen slap bang in the middle, disguised expertly by the same cap and glasses that she always flippin’ wears. Good one, love.

kristen stewart

Whilst R-Pattz and K-Stew have been surrounded by break up rumours recently after it was alleged that Kristen had been in touch with Rupert Sanders again, Kristen obv wasn't too bothered, as she pranced around and had a marvellous old time with pals.

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Kristen has been spotted watching from the side of the stage at Ellie’s shows before, so the pair must be becoming pretty close friends. They do of course share a vampirey-type connection, as Ellie contributed to the Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack. See, we well know our stuff every so often.

Do you think Kristen and Ellie make a good pair of pals?

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