Little Mix have been put through the ringer a bit with Sugarscape. We've made them answer a lot of weird questions in their time - and to be fair, they've always been most excellent sports. The time has now come for Jesy Nelson to do the Stupid Interview, and as she's one of our most favourite people, it worked out pretty frickin' well. Observe.

Right then Jesmondo, give us your best insult

I don't like insulting people! If someone's getting on my nerves I just tell them to DO ONE or to bore off – that's a good one.

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Ok, you're stuck on a desert island about to die, and the only food is celebrity. Who do you eat to survive?


There's a lot to think about – is it a celebrity you find tasty? Or a good quality piece of meat?

Yeah, I think I'd have to go for someone I find tasty. I would have to go for…Plan B.

Hasn't he got tattoos? Will the ink make him taste funny?

I don't care, he's fit so it wouldn't bother me!

But he'd be dead.


Anyway, how do you feel about marmite?

Hate it. RANK.

Not even a thin layer?


Marmite crisps?




Ok, would you rather lick a tramp in the armpit or in the nostril?

Euuugh. Nostril.

Why not the armpit?

Because he might have B.O. and that's just disgusting.

But what about the bogeys?

I think B.O. will taste worse. It's the smell isn't it, that makes you gag. So if you went for the armpit and you smelled it you'd be gagging, where as nostril you can't smell anything, so it's be that one.

Right. You're walking down the street one day and you see a lovely old lady about to cross into the path of a LORRY. At the SAME TIME you see a baby with a grenade.


Exactly. You've got about five seconds to react.


Yeah, but it could happen.

OK. I feel like I'd have more chance of saving the granny, because if the baby's got a grenade then I might die as well, so I'd pull the granny back and we'd both be saved, where as if I went to save the baby we'd both die.

When did you last catch someone in an intimate moment?

Ooh… umm… HMMM. [Thinks for about 45 seconds. It gets a bit awkward]

It doesn't have to be sexy, just intimate.


But obviously sexy is better.

Oh my gosh. Umm…. Oh! Probably Zayn and Perrie, they're always having intimate moments, they're so in love with each other. They're literally all over each other. Well, he's all over her, he just loves her.

If Harry Styles was cracking on to your little sister what would you do?

I don't have a little sister, but if I did I would tell him to SOD. RIGHT. OFF - and if he didn't I'd give him a slap round the ear'ole.

What if she was really into him?

I'd tell her no! I'd tell her she's gonna get her heart broken, and to stay away.

Wise words.

Ahh that was a fun interview! I like things like that. Hope you have a fun day!

What do you think?