Not content with pissing all their Celebrity Big Brother housemates off and being potentially the most deluded-slash-still kinda amazing couple ever, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt now wanna venture into the world of popstar management.

Yup, WATCH OUT SIMON COWELL, 'cause Speidi are on a mission to keep wayward celebs in check by taking control of their careers. Uh oh.

harry styles justin bieber

In a chat avec Yahoo! OMG, Speidi claimed they're the perfect peeps to keep 'self-obsessed' celebs like El Biebo and Hazza firmly on the rails and stop them from going all Lindsay Lohan-car crash on us.

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"They are all too famous and can't handle it, especially with websites like Twitter and Instagram," they said.

"It's hard to stay humble. What's Justin Bieber been doing today? Probably posting photos of his ass on the internet. The plot is gone and they have lost their scripts."

Amazing. At least Speidi have never done anything ridiculous to get attention. Oh wait...


Spency also reckons he can make the boys richer with his acute knowledge of business and all that, explaining "I could make them so much more money, they should hire me! I am hated, have no talent yet have made millions of dollars. They are well liked and talented, if only I had their careers!"

So what do you think? Should Heidi and Spencer be the next Si Cowell or Scooter Braun?


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What do you think?