Martine McCutcheon declared bankrupt

Sad news today as one of our favourite Love Actually stars and yogurty-spoon-licker Martine McCutcheon is declared officially bankrupt. Owch.

martine mccutcheon

Martine filed for insolvency at Kingston-Upon-Thames County Court. SAD TIMES MARTINE, what did you do with all the money you got from swinging around in chairs in a field licking spoons?

What happened to the Love Actually cash you got for flirting with Hugh Grant?

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Where's the dough from being Tiffany in EastEnders? WHERE'S YOUR PERFECT MOMENT, MARTINE?

Oh this makes us sad inside.

Do another film Marty, we love watching your posh-cockney accent on our tellyboxes. Just no more yogurt. Ta.

Let's all go buy her single again, make it number one, and then she'll be fine. HURRAY.

In other news, that kid from Love Actually is in his twenties now and a bit fit - look

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