Little Mix's Jesy Nelson: "I never buy a boy Valentine's presents"

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With all the love in the air at the moment it makes sense that we had a catch up with one of our most loved girls in the world, Jesy Nelson from that Little Mix. Following the Stupid Interview we did with her t'other day, we had a chat about the Little Mix tour, and all things LOVE themed. Hurray.

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HI JESY. So how’s the tour going?
HIYA. It’s great - all of the songs on our album are quite upbeat and funky, so it’s got loads and loads of dance routines. This sounds really cheesy but I’m excited to perform every single one – I don’t have a favourite.

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What about the rubbish ones like Always Be Together?
Awwww nooo! I love them all! We wouldn’t have a song that we don’t like on our album or the tour.

So you’re all away from your fellas for a long time on this tour then…
We’re kind of used to it really. My boyfriend goes away a lot anyway because they’re always on tour, so’s Perrie’s boyfriend, and so Leigh-Anne’s the only one who’s got to get used to it now.

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Will she be moaning to you all the time like “I miss hiiiiiim…WAAAAH”
Yeah probably! Ha, no she’s fine, they’re all gonna come see the shows. We Skype and text and Facetime and stuff anyway so we’re always in touch.

Will you be doing Valentine’s presents?

Well, see, I’m really bad, I never buy a boy valentines presents. I think it should all be about the boy buying the girl stuff and treating her. That’s what happened last year with my boyfriend, I think he was a bit gutted when I was like “Erm, I don’t actually have anything!”

little mix on stage

What would you expect in a new relationship?

Ooh, I’m actually an old romantic and I really love flowers. Last year my boyfriend sent me loads of red roses and he took me to see a show and bought me jewellery – he really spoilt me last year actually.

Sets the bar quite high for this year doesn’t it?
Ha, yeah! We’ll be in London for Valentine’s Day this year so we might get a bit of love in.

What about single girls, for whom Valentine’s Day can be a bit like a kick in the teeth from love?
Do you know what, just surround yourself with all your friends and just have a girly night. Chat about how much you hate boys, and just have a big girly night and watch films. Surround yourself with your friends and don’t be on your own – that would be the worst.

Oh Jesy, you're so wise. Like a more stylish Yoda or something.

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