Rihanna bottled at London club - the whole of Britain left ASHAMED

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Rihanna hit London town a few days ago to show off her River Island Collection at London Fashion Week, head out for some mischief with model pal Cara Delevingne - and get a bottle chucked at her. Nice.

rihanna and cara delevingne

Rihanna was the victim of a crazy bottle-thrower outside The Box nighctlub in Soho, and apparently involved a Lucozade bottle. LUCOZADE. That's no flimsy carton of Rubicon, that's serious business. In fact, it may have been bought especially for the chucking potential - as why would you have Lucozade with you on a night out anyway?

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We digress. Reports say that the bottle was flung at our favourite crotch-grabber by someone shouting 'slurs' about Chris Brown - appaz not a fan that Rihanna's back in the violent arms of her former assailant.

rihanna and cara delevingne

Ri was seen walking to her car with a small cut on her right knee, which some could twist into RIHANNA SHEDS BLOOD OVER CHRIS BROWN AGAIN but we're not that kinda people.

As much as we're not the biggest fans of Rihanna's rekindled romance with Mr Brown, chucking a bottle at her about it kind of steps on the whole anti-abuse point, doesn't it? What do YOU think?

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Here she is behind the scenes of her River Island collection creation;


Rihanna parties with Cara Delevingne in London

Rihanna shows off her River Island Collection at London Fashion Week - pics

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