Cara Delevingne does the Harlem Shake backstage at London Fashion Week...and more - Watch

There's been loads of novelty dance crazes over the years...the Macarena, Saturday Night, er...Ciara's 1, 2 Step, but none have blown up quite as quickly as the Harlem Shake. And now ruddy Cara Delevingne's the latest celeb to get involved in this whole phenomenon.

Yup, following the insane success of Gangnam Style (which we thought the One Direction lads did AMAZINGLY, btw) literally everyone in the world ever's hopped on the latest Harlem craze...and we LOVE IT. Even serious models and fashionista-types can't resist a bit of the old Shake, including Ms. Delevingne and pals backstage at London Fashion Week.

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cara delevingne harlem shake

Taking a break from being all fab and pouty, the gals decided to let their very perfect hair down in the vid. And while C-Delz didn't look too impressed with the sitch at first, she soon gave in to DJ Baauer's dirty bassline. Oo-er.

cara delevingne

Check out Cara's Harlem Shake here. YAY. 

And while we're at it, let's take a look at some of our other fave celebs taking part in the DANCE THAT'S SWEEPING THE NATION. LOOK, Ed Sheeran's at it... 

...and so's bloody Usain Bolt off of the Olympics 


Are you gonna be learning the moves? Nobody wants to be *that* person who doesn't know the Macarena at the dodgy wedding disco, do they? We're doing it round the office as we speak.

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