Justin Bieber fans outraged after Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney impersonates him on Twitter

Bieber fans everywhere were OUTRAGED last night, when Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney changed his twitter name to 'Justin Bieber' before sending a series of tweets pretending to be the singer.

This was the latest stage in a mini-feud between the pair, which began when Patrick was asked why he thought El Biebs wasn't nominated for any Grammys.

justin bieber black keys drummer twitter feud

"Grammys are for like music, not for money... and he's making a lot of money. He should be happy," said the drummer.

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Unsurprisingly JB wasn't impressed, and tweeted that Carney "should be slapped around" - which seems to have prompted last night's Twitter impersonation.

Swapping his usual twitter icon for a pic of The Biebs in a pair of geek chic glasses, Patrick kicked things off by posting a link to the 'world premier' of a 'new' Bieber track -  which actually sent fans to DEVO's 'Recombo DNA' instead.

black keys drummer Justin Bieber

Yes, we're trying very hard not to laugh too.

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Hundreds of abusive tweets from Beliebers followed, and Patrick seems to have spent a few happy hours winding the fans up further by replying to their messages in what can only be described as 'Bieber speak'.

One response read: “Gurl u give me inspiration to make my music and toothbrushes and all thatz swag to u baby.” 

justin bieber twitter war

Now back to his actual name, Patrick revealed that his time as Justin is a bit of a blur: “Only thing I remember from being Bieber is that I was really thirsty the whole time,” he wrote.

Over to you, J-Dawg.

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