Rihanna's dad wants her to marry Chris Brown. Oh Gahd.

Their controversial relationship never fails to astound us. Whether it's canoodling at award shows, recording duets together or sparking rumours of an engagement, Rihanna and Chris Brown leave us with a weird permanent shocked-face at all times. And now RiRi's dad has added fuel to the fire by saying he wants the pair to get MARRIED. Oh. dear.

rihanna chris brown

While we thought every man and his labradoodle were totally against a Rihanna/Breezy wedding, her dad Ronald Fenty's spoken out and given the couple his consent to become man and wife. Er, WHY?

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Chatting to Now mag about a possible wedding, Mr. Fenty said "Of course they'd have my blessing. I would be ecstatic. I like Chris.

"He's a very old-fashioned kind of guy, with straight-up morals and he's always been very decent to me."

Now maybe we're missing something, but we're not sure how assualting your girlfriend equals 'straight-up morals'...?

rihanna chris brown

And the ridiculousness doesn't end there, 'cause Rihanna's daddio's now got grandkids on the cards, claiming "That should be the next thing, to have at least one child. I would like it to happen. I'm sure she'd be a great mum."

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Maybs Ronald is so understanding given his own troubled past. He confirmed to Now "I had problems with alcohol and drugs. I know people can drink and it can change their personalities. I think Chris has learned his lesson and it's time the public left them alone to get on with their lives." Okayyy then.

What do you reckon? Should Chris be forgiven and would you like to see a RiRi/Breezy wedding actually happen? Comments, y'all.

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