Harry Styles and Cara Delevingne leave a house party early in the morning - pics

After Harry Styles headed out to the War Child Gig for the Brits in Shepherds Bush last night, he was never going to toddle off home with a Horlicks and a good novel. Instead he hopped over to a "private residence" for some after party shenanigans, and was snapped leaving the grand ol' porch at 7am this morning.

harry styles leaving a house party

Seriously. Nice porch. That's the kind of place we imagined we'd live in when we sat at home watching Notting Hill and planning our move to London. Instead we ended up above a takeaway with gypsy fights going on outside our window.

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Harry was the second last to leave, with Cara Delasagne popping out at 5am before him, leaving just Rita Ora inside (and more people we're sure, but celebwise, like) after she'd made her exit - in not QUITE her usual catwalk style.

cara delevingne leaving a house party

This means that the paps had to wait outside the "private residence" for HOURS until the celebs came staggering out.

There aren't any pics of Rita Ora emerging, so we figured they probs got bored and went for a McDonalds breakfast around 8 / 8.30.

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Cara Delevingne dances around for the paps - pics

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