Made in Chelsea's Mark Francis pulls some awesome faces at London Fashion Week - PICS

If there's one reality TV type person we can't get enough of, it's Made in Chelsea's Mark Francis. Seriously, how he's not got his own show yet baffles us on a daily basis.

ANYWAY, yesterday Mark and MIC pal Victoria whatserface hit the front row at London Fashion week to take in the latest creations of designer Ming Pin Tien - and sported some seriously judgy faces.

made in chelsea at london fashion week

Just look at Mark, he looks FURIOUS.

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Has someone just suggested he shop at Topshop? Did he just remember that Butlins holiday camps exist? Or perhaps Victoria whatserface has just let one go. Who knows.

Oh, this also happened.

mark francis at london fashion week

Whadda pair of posers. We love it. Do you?

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