While we were busy Instagramming pictures of our beans of toast last night, the celebs were snapping other not-as-important things backstage at the Oscars. And thank Zayn Malik they did, 'cause whilst our dinner's obviously more exciting it's still nice to feel involved, innit?

celeb twitpics

Yup, the celebs had their camera phones out in full force to snap all the goings on, including Miley avec her White Dress Brigade, Jennifer Lawrence being naughty and Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper being actual real-life heroes. Let's take a look, shall we?

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miley cyrus

Do you reckon Miley Cyrus got her people to get in touch with Kelly Osbourne's people who in turn contacted Kim Kardashian's people to make a pact to all wear white last night? They all look bloody amazing, don't they?

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channing tatum

We're not entirely sure what Mr. Channing Tatum's doing with his eyebrow here, but whatever it is he looks ridiculously fit, so we're not asking questions. We're happy just perving.

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 jennifer aniston


Looking effortlessly gorge as per, Jennifer Aniston pouts in our all-time fave selfie pose. We're practically the same person.

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daniel radcliffe kristen stewart

Ever wondered what a Harry Potter and Bella Swan sandwich looks like? Well here's your answer, sugarmuffins...it's only ruddy Daniel Radcliffe and Kristen Stewart in one filtered pic of fun. Yay.

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jennifer lawrence

THIS is why you're our fave, Jennifer Lawrence. That is all.

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bradley cooper hugh jackman

When we fell in the snow the other week, a cute old lady came to help us up. When Jennifer Lawrence fell up the stairs last night, Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman ran to her aid. OH, LIFE.

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What do you reckon Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian are discussing in the swanky backstage area? Who's working white the best? Maybe Nicki's comparing boob size? Whatever they're chatting about, they both look UH-MAZING. Love the hair, Nic.

What do you make of all that, then? More exciting than your Sunday night?

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Images: Twitter/Instagram


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