Rita Ora on Rob Kardashian drama: 'I never actually thought it was a relationship'

Remember when Rob Kardashian went a bit crazy on twitter and accused girlfriend Rita Ora of cheating on him with '20 dudes'?

Yeah, us too - it's not really something you forget easily.

Rita Ora breaks up with Rob Kardashian? Were they even dating?

At the time, Rita kept schtum and refused to react to his ranting, but now she's finally opened up about the drama - and critisized Rob for going public with the supposed details of their split.

Oh, she also sort of called him 'mentally unstable' too. Heh.

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“When you are involved with someone for a while and they decide to express their feelings to the public, well, that’s not my personal way of therapy but I guess everyone takes split-ups differently," she told The Sun.

"You should have to sit an exam before you go on Twitter. To see if you’re mentally stable."

Rob Kardashian claims he got Rita Ora pregnan during Twitter rant

Rita also revealed that she never actually thought of Rob as her boyfriend, which is sure to go down brilliantly with him.

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"I never actually thought it was a relationship in all honesty, she explained. "I never mentally defined it as boyfriend/girlfriend. When I split up with him I said ‘It’s because I’m never there, I don’t know how to do it.’ That’s all I said... then the rest happened.”

All the rest being a series of nasty tweets including one that read: 'you let me get you pregnant'. NICE.

So, what do you make of all this - are you glad that Rita has finally told her side of the story?

Rob Kardashian in second Rita Ora rant: "You let me get you pregnant"

Rob Kardashian in Rita Ora Twitter rant: "She cheated nearly 20 times"

Rita Ora 'break up with Rob Kardashian'

Images: Twitter

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