Vanessa Hudgens does Pilates in the tiniest shorts we've ever seen - pics

If were a celebrity like Vanessa Hudgens, we probably wouldn't choose a Pilates class that takes place in a gym with a MASSIVE GLASS WINDOW, but then again we probably wouldn't wear a pair of knickers pretending to be shorts either. Mainly because all our friends would laugh at us.

Clearly Vanessa hangs out with nicer people than us though, because she was snapped doing (or should it be 'practising?) Pilates in LA while wearing some of the tiniest shorts we've ever clapped eyes on. Oh, and socks with the toes cut off - which actually makes us feel a bit weird.

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vanessa hudgens pilates

Considering the fact that she's almost flashing her crotch to the world, you'd think that V-Hudge wouldn't really have a problem with flashing her face - however, it seems she suddenly got an attack of the bashfuls and covered her mush as she had a trot around the gym.

vanessa hudgens pilates class

And when she left too, although a handy shirt made for a slightly more effective hiding tool than a mere hand. You wanted to be careful Vanessa - that's how you end up walking into a lamp post. Also, is it just us that can't stop thinking about her naked toes wiggling about in those boots? Oh, ok then.

vanessa hudgens pilates

What do you lot make of all this leg baring, face hiding business? 

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Images: Rex Features

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