It seems like Chris Brown might finally have to answer for some of his ridiculous behaviour, as people in Ghana are allegedly calling for him to be deported back there, in order to face prosecution for his oh-so-shocking actions that we don’t even seem to bat an eyelid at anymore because he does them ALL THE TIME.

Like when he posted this snap of him smoking three joints at once, and we all just sighed. Sigh.

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Chris Brown

Apparently, some Ghanaians are appalled that good ol’ Mr Brown flouted their strict laws of no smoking in public, after he allegedly smoked a blunt on stage during a concert held there. QUELLE SHOCK, we would never have expected this from him. AHEM. Just in case you didn’t know guys, Chris and Rihanna apparently smoke a bit of weed every so often and like to hint at this, widely documenting their efforts just to make sure everybody knows. Oh aren’t they SO COOL AND QUIRKY? *Walks off bridge*

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In a video taken at the gig, Chris asks ‘How many of you smoke weed? Sh*t, I got my blunt right here.” Good for you love, are you holding it in your Drake fighting hand? Or your other Rihanna punching hand?

Chris Brown

According to, Ghanaian youth activist Jonathan Osei-Owusu claims that C-Bizzle "promoted an illegality". He continued: "You can see from the video, and yet he was let go free." On the other hand, the organisers of the event have denied that any funky cigs were smoked on stage, branding the incident a complete stunt. Ahhh yes, so his entire Instagram is also a stunt, and he's actually one of the world's greatest actors having just been pretending for the last few years. Give the bloke an Oscar.

What do you make of this? Should Chris be held accountable for his actions or should everyone just let it slide ‘cause he’s well famous and that?

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What do you think?