Ed Sheeran would never sleep with Taylor Swift: 'I wouldn't go there'

Those rumours about him bedding Taylor Swift might have made Ed Sheeran feel like a bit of a stud, but he's spoken out again just to make it crystal clear that he'd never go there with her. This seems fairly obvious - especially when he's basically BFFs with her ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles - but Ed still thinks there'll never be anything but the friendship zone for him and Swifty.

ed sheeran and taylor swift

To be honest, we always thought it was crackers when everyone started suggesting that those late night sessions they were spotted having involved anything more scurrilous than a cup of cocoa and a sing-song around the piano. But apparently if you're spotted leaving someone's hotel room after 1AM, the rest of the world will assume you a doing the dirty and Ed has decided to protect Taylor's honour by speaking out about it.

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While many would pussyfoot around the issue, our ginger hero got straight to the point and speaking to The Sun, he said: "You don't have to bang a girl just because she's your friend. It's not a necessity.

"So that's why I'd never go there with her. I wouldn't want to spoil things."

ed sheeran

Well if there was ever anything that made us want to jump Ed's bones more than we already did, this would be it.



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