Russell Brand says his marriage to Katy Perry was 'a drag'

If you've seen Katy Perry's Part Of Me movie, you'll know how emotional it all is when she splits from ex-husband Russell Brand in front of our very own 3D glasses-covered eyes. But whilst Katy seemed truly devo'd over the marriage breakdown, cheeky Russell has now claimed their time together was 'a drag'. Ouch.

R-Brand was discussing the pair's safari-themed wedding ceremony on the radio last night, and it seems he was never really convinced they'd last after all.

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On his XFM Teenage Cancer Trust radio show avec pal Noel Gallagher, Russell said "That marriage was shaky from the get-go, before I'd even got off the elephant. It was a drag, man. Let me tell you a think about marriage. Marriage is a bond that can last up to 14 months. It's a scared 14-month agreement. Begins on an elephant - ends in a newspaper"

Who said romance was dead?

katy perry russell brand

And when guests started laughing at his comments, Russell responded "Don't cackle, I tried my hardest. How come you know exactly how long my marriage was? Was you timing it?". He later revealed his mates had all taken bets as to how long the marriage would last, with Noel chipping in "For the record, in the sweepstake I came the closest." Hashtag LAD, hashtag BANTER etc. etc.

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This all comes after it was reported Katy split from boyfriend John Mayer last night. And we though we were having a bad day when we dropped our sausage roll everywhere at lunch.

What do you think? Is Russ just having a laugh or is it just a bit nasty? Comments please.

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