Zayn Malik's sister Doniya 'banned from selling One Direction merchandise by management'

Being sister to Zayn Malik sounds like a dream come true to us, but it can also be a bit tricky as his sister Doniya found out after One Direction's management reportedly asked her to stop selling 1D merchanidse in her online shop. That's going to be awkward next time the Bradford Bad Boy comes round for Sunday lunch.

Zayn Malik's sister Doniya in trouble with One Direction management

According to The Sun, Doniya was contacted by the lads' management after they realised she was selling handmade 1D inspired loot on her website, Sparkle Rockchick. Apparently they weren't all that pleased about her using the band's logo in her designs and asked her not to use the copyrighted design again.

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It wasn't intentional though and she apparently had no idea there was a problem.

“Doniya had no idea she was doing anything wrong," a source told the paper.

“She was mortified when she heard it was a problem and took the site down immediately.”

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We have to say that we are a tad disappointed - all we ever wanted in life was a tee with 'The Next Mrs Harry Styles' written on it. We were going to send it to Taylor Swift as a joke.

KIDDING, but still. What do you think about all this?

Comments please...

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