Ed Sheeran: 'The more you embrace the inner weirdo, the more your fit in'

If Ed Sheeran's orange locks and adorable face weren't enough to melt every ovary in the building, he's only gone and done it again by making us feel about a bazillion times better about the fact that we sometimes find ourselves in the biscuit aisle of the supermarket at 3PM in the afternoon wearing nothing but a giraffe onesie and our grandma slippers. They may not have been his exact words but we know that's what he meant. Well, hopefully, because that seems to happen an awful lot.

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ed sheeran

Ed might not be your average chocolate box popstar with windswept hair and a marmalade coloured spraytan, but frankly that's what we like about him and if he did, we can't help thinking he'd look like a ginormous Wotsit anyway. Having made it for himself, he's also pretty keen for his fans to embrace what makes them unique, but instead of just making his thoughts known by reciting a well-thought out speech, he's apparently decided to relay the message by embracing his inner passion for interpretive dance...or something like that.

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“I love the Harlem Shake, and I did it with Frankie Muniz recently," Ed apparently told the Daily Star. "The more you embrace your inner weirdo, the more you fit in.

That's not it though and it turns out we might be seeing a whole lot more of Eddy whipping his hair back and forth in the future.

He added: “I’ve got other moves as well, there’s Feed The Birds, Shoot Them Down move and also the Stacking of the Shelves.”

That sounds like some pretty sound advice to us and with that in mind, we made an eggy tribute to honour Ed on this Easter occasion. We'd like to think it would make a great prop in his next dance parody vid. Ok, it may actually have been for an egg decorating competition in the office, but we still think Eggward would appreciate our extremely crap ode to his ginger genius.

Ed Sheeran embraces his inner weirdo


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