Eleanor Calder and Danielle Peazer hang out backstage with Lou Teasdale at One Direction gig: PICS

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There are many perks to being a One Direction girlfriend. The main one involves saliva snogging and general nakedness. Another pretty close contender is the ability to hang out backstage on their Take Me Home tour and take a selection of lovely pictures to share on Twitter with your other 1D WAG and hairdresser mates. AHH, THE DREAM.

Eleanor Calder

Eleanor Calder, Lou Teasdale and Danielle Peazer shared some snaps last night on Instagram of them hanging out behind the scenes with the boys, and having some general girly bonding time, probably discussing how they can help their boyfs to reach new quiffy heights, or making up a secret password to be able to be a member of their exclusive gang.

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Literally the best gang ever. Ohhhh ONE DAY WE’LL BE MEMBERS, just you wait and see. We just need to buy some sturdy rope, and put our plan of luring Niall into our cave with a trail of chicken scraps into action, and we're good to go.

Eleanor Calder

Eleanor was looking very lovely as she did the doting girlfriend thang and waited for Luigi to have his quiff perfected, which is a process that takes around 1175 hours. Look how sassy his face is, he's not impressed.

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Whilst hanging around, she tried a new style herself and got busy with a fake fringe to put a l'il twist on her usual beachy loose waves. Whaddya reckon? Should she get the chop fo' real?

Danielle Peazer

Danielle shared this snap of Eleanor looking rather G in an Obey cap, a long sleeved striped crop top and denim dungarees with the top folded down for the latest in painter/decorator chic. And the ultimate accessory of course, a backstage pass. *Steals and runs*

Louis Tomlinso

Eleanor then finally shared this super cute snap from the wings of the stage which managed to capture her fellow lovebird on the big screen, probably singing about tea and stuff. AHHH, young love. Doesn't it just warm you up from the insides? Oh no wait, that's heated jealousy.

Well this looks like a rather enjoyable evening. We're only 31% pissed off that we weren't invited, but we can just like vicariously through Instagram pictures. THAT'S FINE.

Do you like to see the 1D ladies hanging out together? And do you reckon Eleanor should get herself some bangs? (We're well down with the American lingo innit)

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