Justin Bieber gets a fan's bra thrown at him on stage in Germany - Pics

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Remember when we broke the (fake) news that Justin Bieber was applying for gender reassignment surgery on April Fool's day at it was unbelievably hilarious? Well...um...maybe we were onto something, 'cause El Biebo's been spotted holding onto a bra like he never wants to let go during a gig in Germany.

However something tells us this isn't actually Justina's Justin's underwear of choice, unfortunately. As he performed to gazillions of screaming Beliebers in Cologne, one fan got a little overexcited and chucked her bra at him on stage. Ah well, we've all done it.

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Justin Bieber

The CRAZED FAN just couldn't resist whipping off her bra before taking out a Sharpie and scrawling 'HI' on one boob and 'JB' on the other. Well that's certainly one way of getting his attention. Ooh, maybe this is the same girl who threw her underwear at Harry Styles last year? Or the one who invented Justin Bieber Bra Throwing as a sport when this happened in London back in February...

She could just follow fit popstars round chucking various items of clothing at them or something. Who knows? And after the shock of Bra Gate, The Biebz debuted his new 'do not long after. We can't confirm if it was a direct consequence of the incident, but we're big fans of the floppy fringe nonetheless. Yay.

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justin bieber

What do you think? Are YOU the person who enjoys launching their underwear upon unexpecting hot male celebs? Comments after this vid, please.


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