Katy Perry calls rumours she is hooking up with ex hubby Russell Brand again 'gross'

There are two definite camps of people when it comes to Russell Brand. Those who want to get all bendy with him (because of the yoga, geddit?) and then there are those who think he's a bit, well... icky.

Now it seems as though ex wife Katy Perry has jumped camps, because depsite the fact she pledged to be with him and his long ol' locks for the rest of her life just a few short years ago, she's now gone ahead and call him, um, gross. How times change, eh?

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russell brand katy perry

Katy made the comment after Perez Hilton published a story reporting that she and Russell had been snogging Soho House in Los Angeles. Replying to a tweet promoting the story, L Pez showed just how she felt about THAT writing: "As if! Gross!"

Well that's not very nice. Although we can't fault her on the honesty front.

Perez later took the story down, which is probably a good idea considering one of the celebs featured in the article denied the game of tonsil tennis. What do you make of Katie's comments?

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