Emma Roberts and fit boyfriend Evan Peters get smoochy at Coachella

With half of LA decamping into the desert for the Coachella Valley festival this weekend, it's probably not surprising that Emma Roberts and boyfriend Evan Peters also headed on down. Making the most of a bit of alone time, they were even spotted getting a bit smoochy. Bless 'em.

Emma Roberts and boyfriend Evan Peters hold hands at Coachella festival in LA - PICS

This time last year Emma was at Coachella with then boyfriend Chord Overstreet and breaking up just after the festival, she started dating Evan shortly after. Either way, they were looking pretty loved up and were spotted holding hands as they wandered between stages.

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Making the most of the boiling weather, Emma kept it simple, covering a neon yellow bikini top with a tied up graphic tee and some cute, scallop-trim shorts. Finishing the look off with a pair of sunglasses and some flat, Peter Pan boots, she looked set to stamp on as many people's toes as necessary to get to the front of the crowd. A girl after our own hearts if ever there was one.

It might have only been the second day of the festival, but we have to say it looked a bit like Evan had been there a while. No offense or anything Evan, you're a proper hottie, but still, it's not like you even camp at Coachella - everyone stays in hotels. Still, we're loving his Aztect shorts and shaggy hair, even if we're not completely convinced by those ankle socks of his.

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Emma Roberts and boyfriend Evan Peters hold hands at Coachella festival in LA - PICS

MAN, is it just us or is this making you wish you were there? If a bit of snogging from Evan was also on offer, that would be just fine.

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