Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez to pose for Playboy magazine?

If you thought that you’d seen the last of Vanessa Hudgens’ and Selena Gomez’s splaying breasticles when the closing credits of Spring Breakers rolled down your cinema screen, THINK AGAIN, as they may well be back with a vengeance very soon.

Rumours are flying today that V-Hudz and Sel-Go have bagged themselves another pretty raunchy role, after Playboy magazine tweeted that the two ex-Disney lasses were welcome any time to the Playboy Mansion. DELIGHTFUL.

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Vanessa Selena

If the girls did decide to get their kit off for the mag, they’d be joining the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Drew Barrymore, Kelly Brook and Kim Kardashian. Ahhh the models of feminism.

The magazine famous for its double page fanny spreads sent out the invitation on Twitter, saying “@VanessaHudgens & @SelenaGomez now have an open invitation to the next Mansion party.”

Oh what could this MEAN, we’re not sure we’re ready to see two of our favourite ladies getting shexy AGAIN. We’re still going through therapy for Vanessa’s naked photo leak.

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Vanessa Selena

Although there’s been no reply from Vanessa or Selena, rumours are flying about all over the show, probably started by lots of spotty teenage boys hoping to have a new poster to keep under their pillow for those lonely Tuesday nights.

There has been a reaction from slightly flabbergasted Selena fans though, who responded with things such as an eloquent “kbfhfyv omg wHAT” and a more to-the-point “NO”.

So we guess that decides that one for them, then. What do you think of the possiblity of Vanessa and Selena doing Playboy?

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