Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have duck-faced themed fun

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are two of our most favourite people to look at ever, so it's only natural that they pander to our needs when they get a rare chance to be together and spend their time taking hot selfies, before having lots of lovely attractive... snacks.

zayn and perrie

In pictures that have come in to our lives only today, Perrie and Zayn are seen pouting, posing, sucking cheeks and sticking tongues in a load of hot selfies that would put Kim look-at-me Kardashian TO SHAME.

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Who's to say what brought on the random attack of the self-paps. Perhaps it's a ritual that they have to do every time they... have some snacks. Perhaps it's THE HOT NEW THING and we'll soon see an influx of them; Harry and Louis doing each other's hair, Liam and Danielle stroking Loki, and Niall tenderly caressing a chicken.

zayn and perrie

Whatever the reason we are BIG FANS. We've looked at their Twitter feeds for clues but only found some pictures of Little Mix strewn across a pool table, and Zayn saying that Perrie is "quite fit" - so it's probably more to do with the latter, and they're just having an awesome time with their awesome lovers and SOAKING UP EACHOTHER'S AWESOMENESS.

zayn and perrie selfie

More please.

Perrie invites Harry Styles to watch her vigorous love with Zayn. Via Keith Lemon.

Tulisa on Perrie and Zayn's "booty calls"

Zayn asks Perrie to move in with him?


Images: Twitter

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