Harry Styles: 'I'm yet to meet a girl who I'd want to even think about getting serious with'

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If you were starting to think you were never going to get the chance to take a ride in Harry Styles' infamous lurvemobile, then think again as the One Direction singer apparently reckons he's yet to meet a girl he's even thought about getting serious with.

Ouch. If we were Taylor Swift, we'd probably have a bit of a mardy bum face on right about now.

Hello Harry Styles' arms.

With filming for the 1D's This Is Us movie well under way, the lads have apparently been getting real about their personal lives and not only will Harry be revealing his Little Things in all their 3D glory, but he's apparently shared a few things about his quest to find some lady lovin' too.

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"I haven't met a girl yet who I'd want to even think of getting serious with," the Daily Star Sunday has quoted Harreh as saying in the new movie.

"I think I've been unlucky in love so far. But then, I haven't really met anyone who's made the earth move for me."

While that's probably a bit awkward for anyone who's ever attempted to stick their tongue in Hazwan's mouth, at least it means the rest of us are still in with a shot - something he's actually quite excited about.

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He reportedly adds: "I'm longing to meet someone who really inspires me and makes me really want to spend time with them."

one direction

Harreh's love life is never out of the news, so it's interesting to hear more about it from the inside out. We'd try to make some sort of intelligent comment about it but you'll have to excuse us while we go do a victory lap of crotch thrusts around the garden.

While we do that, check out the 1D3D movie trailer and imagine just how awesome it's gonna be...


So what do you think about all this? Excited to hear what Harry has to say?

Comments please.

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