Sounds like poor old Kristen Stewart must have smashed a few mirrors, stood on a triple grid and encountered one or two black cats on her driveway, as she’s reportedly had a pretty unlucky incident whilst cruising around sunny LA. We like to think she had the roof down and was singing Live While We’re Young at very high volumes.

Don’t panic though K-Stew fans, the world’s favourite misery guts is absolutely fine. She won't be dusting off the ol' crutches this time, and she's just a little shy and embarrassed about the whole shebang.

Kristen Stewart

Reports say she might have even pulled a facial expression other than a straight line. Unconfirmed and unlikely though. According to E! News, Kristabelle was very sensible about the whole thing and handled it all like a proper grown up vampire would do. A source told them “Kristen appeared to be a bit shy and embarrassed. Luckily no one was hurt in the accident.”

WOW, insightful. Thank you, oh wise mysterious secret source.

They went on to say that Kris seemed to follow all the standard procedures and exchanged details with the other woman involved. Is anyone else tempted by the idea of crashing into loads of fit celebs to get their phone number? YES, WE’RE PSYCHOS, SOZ.

Kristen Stewart

The insider, who was obviously lurking in a bush near to the accident, added that “the woman simply popped a loose piece from her rear bumper back into place and there were no hard feelings, while Kristen made phone calls and appeared rather nervous.”

Obviously this person doesn’t realise that Kristen Stewart is naturally just the most awkward person in the universe and she’s just like that all the time. We can't help wondering where the heck Robert Pattinson was though, to be the knight in shining armour. Probably off somewhere buying sunglasses too small for his face and leaving his beard hairs all over the place.

Poor little lamb, hope you're alright Stewy. What would you do if you accidentally bashed into Kristen?

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