Ke$ha admits she is scared of One Direction fans after revealing she's been texting Harry Styles

Certain One Direction fans have a reputation for being a bit... batshit crazy when it comes to the boys, especially when they are linked to any female with a pulse - so it's no surprise that Ke$ha is feeling a little nervous after revealing her texty sessions with Harry Styles.

A few months ago the glitter loving singer - who has previously admitted fancying 'cute' Harreh - sent the gossip mill into overdrive when she revealed that she'd been swapping texts with the curly-haired lovebot.

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"We've texted here and there," she told MTV News at the time, adding, "No sexting - not yet. Maybe he could be my cougar bait."

OBVIOUSLY the comments sent some Directioners into what can only be described as a frenzy - and it seems Ke$ha may be regretting opening up about her phone-based friendship with Hazlan.

Speaking to Look magazine, the singer revealed her fear that some angry fans might want to physically attack her, saying: "I hope they don't want to beat me up, I'm just a fan too."

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Harry Styles

She also insisted that there's no romance involved, adding: "He and I are just friends. Actually we started texting a long time ago and we're just friendly, it's not sexy."

Gahd, it won't be long before girls start running away from Harry screaming at this rate, terrified at the thought of an angry Directioner mob waiting around the corner, ready to tear them apart as soon as they look his way.

Then again, we're not sure Ha$hy (as much as we love the name smush) would ever have been an ideal combination. What do you think?

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